"Expressive arts movement is one of the most profound and elegant methods of deep self-discovery that I have ever experienced." -- NN, 12/2014

"As we use our body awareness, dancing, drawing, and writing, my soul speaks to ME.  The other participants sharing in our sessions help open me up. . . . Jennie is a lovely, tender, and soft guidance for us, without adding her own self into what we find for ourselves.  I love this rediscovery of my inner mystery each session! -- LR, 7/2015

“Something like this could benefit anybody because it totally opens your mind up and your creativity.” — CW, 4/2014

“How rare it is to have an opportunity to practice body awareness, listening to your body and trusting it enough to let it lead your next movement. Our bodies are wiser than we know. And to do this in a safe, supportive atmosphere with jut the right mix of creativity and play is an energizing delight.” — KR, 4/2012

“I had a stimulating and cleansing session of movement-based expressive art with Jennie. I felt like my mind was a chalkboard full of gibberish when I started; when we finished, the slate was wiped clean and I could begin again.” — LG, 7/2014


"I would like to continue this amazing experience. . . . So much has changed for me and as I sit here . . . I am realizing that I have developed this ability to listen to myself through the work we have done." -- PC, 7/2015

“I found Jennie’s expressive movement class both grounding and profound. She is a gentle and benevolent leader. I would recommend Jennie’s services for people looking to become more aware of and engaged in the present, while gaining insight into the past.” — LB, 12/2014

“This has been an amazing and unique experience!. . . It is another way of connecting with your soul. Jennie is very sensitive and led the process magically.” — DJU, 12/2014

“This workshop brought me back to a joyful and playful connection with my body-in-motion and with other participants — helping me to more fully see and feel seen during tender exercises.” — NP, 4/2012

“I was guided to learn to trust my body to help me discover and express myself in ways that couldn’t be expressed otherwise.” — HR, 4/2012