No expertise in movement/dance, visual art, or writing is needed.  Appropriate for adolescents through seniors; female and male.  If you have physical challenges, you are welcome to modify activities to suit your abilities.

This fall's series will begin on Monday September 18, instead of September 11, since local schools are closed due to Hurricane Irma.

Fall Series:  Inner Dialogues:  Embodied Listening, Embodied Telling

Through the body we can relate to the psyche.  Using the creative process, give form  to your body's story through natural mindful movement, drawing, poetic writing, and performance, creating a dialogue that names the past, honors the present, and opens to the future.  Listen and play with what's wise, persistent, controlling, or beckoning in you.  Refresh old stories carried by your body/mind.  Turn to face  new ones.  Participants who attend regularly, and who desire, will learn techniques of scoring a performance narrative and will share their movement story-portraits as a final gift to the group.  

Mondays: September 18 - November 13, 2017.  Time:  6:30 pm - 8:30 pm.  Place:  Sears Shelter Log Cabin, 120 E. Park Ave, Greenville SC  29601.  Four class pass:  $70.  Individual class: $20.  Regular attendance is encouraged, but drop-ins are welcome.