To embody is to integrate or incorporate something, to give tangible form to a quality, feeling, or idea.  To fully inhabit this single information system that is the body/mind is to embody a sense of self.

You do body work as part of personal growth work to integrate and relate to what you know. Like C.G. Jung’s active imagination, it gives external form to what is happening internally, which you may or may not be conscious of.

During movement sessions, the most important thing is to be present with what is for you in the moment -- and to work from the heart.  You might feel anything from joy to self doubt, confidence to self consciousness or apathy.  There’s no right or wrong way to feel in this practice.  After sessions, it is common to feel receptive, aware, deepened, stimulated, authentic.

This work is a process, a practice. Effects accrue and you take them with you.  You are building a relationship with yourself, cultivating awareness and resources, identifying and encountering patterns and symbols, letting go of patterns that don't serve you, and growing. 

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Videography by Sean Green.

“How rare it is to have an opportunity to practice body awareness, listening to your body and trusting it enough to let it lead your next movement. Our bodies are wiser than we know. And to do this in a safe, supportive atmosphere with jut the right mix of creativity and play is an energizing delight.” — KR, workshop participant

"As we use our body awareness, dancing, drawing, and writing, my soul speaks to ME.  The other participants sharing in our sessions help open me up. . . . Jennie is a lovely, tender, and soft guidance for us, without adding her own self into what we find for ourselves.  I love this rediscovery of my inner mystery each session! -- LR, workshop participant