Private Sessions


Movement-based expressive arts is a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth.  It can also complement counseling for anyone recovering from an eating disorder, disease, depression, trauma, or addiction. 

In individual sessions, you wait for the impulse to move.  You listen and are moved.  There might be a lot of motion or very little.  As witness, I track my own sensory, felt, and imaginative response.  I respond to where you are and what you bring to the session. As a baby comes to know itself by seeing itself mirrored by the parent, so we all benefit from this relationship with self and other.    

Private body-work in movement-based expressive arts using authentic natural movement is appropriate for anyone who wants to know themselves.  It is also appropriate for people with eating disorders, trauma, addictions, or depression.

Talk to your counselor to see whether she or he recommends you seek body-work, but in general a practice in movement-based expressive arts can help you listen to your body’s wisdom, refine your proprioceptive awareness, enact outwardly the changes you are finding inwardly, and find resources for growth. I appreciate knowing if you have been referred by a counselor or therapist.

Note that I am not a licensed counselor and do not accept insurance.

If you feel hesitant about sharing with others, if you imagine you might feel shy in a group, or if you prefer personal attention, private or semi-private sessions may be for you. 

Studio at The Cottage Counseling, 710 Pettigru St, Greenville SC29601.  By appointment. $75/hour.  Semi-private sessions are also available.


To register or for more info: or 864.350.8951