Story Lines

I knew my daughters had planned something for my 60th birthday because they traveled here from where they live and because they told me they had. They told me I would not be hosting anything at my place and I didn't need a new dress! I asked if the weather would affect it. They said no (ahem!). I had ascertained some info but got it in my head that whatever it was would be happening at night. Funny how one wrong assumption can throw you off and keep you from seeing the big picture. And they played along with my assumption -- barely even had to lie!

So I was completely caught off guard when Elizabeth and I pulled up beside a park picnic shelter in a drizzling rain around 1:00 in the afternoon to pick up Katherine, who had supposedly gone for a walk and gotten caught in the rain. I bought the whole ridiculous story. Those crazy daughters had planned a picnic with a shelter full of family and friends huddled underneath the roof singing happy birthday. I never have. . .! My mother's sister Lil, in her 90s, and cousins. Brother and sis-in-law. Dance friends. Young friends. Old friends. New friends. Thank you, dear folks of mine! I won't soon forget the sight or the feeling -- for which I hardly have words. Something like not having control, not knowing what's in store, and being given a deeply lovely gift in spite of myself. I can't stop wondering about other assumptions I might have that keep me from seeing beyond the story line, seeing how simple it really is.