What is supportive to you in your relationships? What is not helpful? What is the nature of the metaphorical “dance” you do with this person or people? Your role in the relationship dance may be hard to articulate. You want to stand up for yourself and also respect the other person. You want to be heard without being fixed or advised or judged. You want to be brutally honest without being brutal to the other person. You want space and you want closeness.

I always enjoy working with the theme of relationships in expressive arts groups, because each person has postures, stances, and gestures uniquely expressive of who she or he is.   It is beautiful to watch people bring awareness to the unseen dynamics in relationships and create new responses.  The studio is a place where we get to symbolize the dance using artistic processes to gain insight, level the playing field, and find new options. Relationships, like life, are a creative process.