I am a registered somatic movement educator (RSME) and an associate teacher of the Tamalpa Life/Art Process, the movement-based expressive arts process founded by dance and expressive arts pioneers Anna Halprin and Daria Halprin.  I also teach composition in the English department at Clemson University. A teaching artist with Greenville's Metropolitan Arts Council's SmartARTS program, I am a contra dance caller and call for school arts residencies, public dances, weddings, and other events.   In all my work, Iā€™m interested in process as well as product, on the embodied experience of doing and making, life as art, art as life. 

These work experiences are connected. Years ago while teaching at Clemson, I taught a writing course for architecture students. I was delighted to circle back to this experience when I discovered the work of Lawrence Halprin -- whose career as a landscape architect paralleled that of his dancer wife Anna Halprin -- which emphasizes architecture as the choreography of people's movement.  My training at Tamalpa completed that circle.

I have an MA in English from Clemson University and a BFA in dance from Boston Conservatory. In my own personal growth work, I became interested in the psychological work of C.G. Jung and gained certification in Jungian dreamwork by the Haden Institute, Flat Rock, NC. I was instrumental in founding the Greenville Friends of Jung.

For traditional and community dance bookings, please contact me.